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Becoming an FCAQ Member

People who are working (for a non for profit organisation or charity) in a financial wellbeing and financial resilience capacity are encouraged to be a member of FCAQ. To facilitate compliance with the Regulatory Framework and the Code of Ethical Practice, practising FCAQ Accredited and Associate Members and members working as Student Financial Counsellors:

  • are required to join FCAQ if the majority of their clients reside in Queensland;
  • are required to work for a not-for-profit community service organisation which provides financial counselling services free of charge;
  • cannot be employed by, or volunteer in: the finance industry, or an entity that holds a creditlicence or an entity which offers unregulated financial products such as Buy-Now-Pay-Later or Advance Pay products;
  • are responsible for providing evidence of compliance to FCAQ to enable FCAQ to appropriately monitor compliance with CPD, Supervision and other requirements; and
  • are required to renew their membership of FCAQ by 31st December each year.

FCAQ offers five categories of membership for individuals (please see below)

1. Affiliate (non-voting)
2. Student (non-voting)
3. Associate
4. Accredited
5. Life (non-voting)

Eligibility for an FCAQ membership is based on the individual satisfying the criteria outlined in our Membership Policy, including annual requirements to attend continuing professional development and undertake set hours of professional supervision.

FCAQ Membership forms for NEW members.