Helping consumers manage
their financial challenges

Making Ends Meet report


Source: The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has released a national research report which explores the impact and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial situation and mental wellbeing of community members.

People who accessed our Emergency Relief services were invited to participate and share their views and experiences via an online survey. The findings provide valuable insights and understanding of the effects of COVID-19 for our clients and the hardships people faced living on restricted incomes.

The report highlights how most respondents struggled to manage on limited incomes and battled to find work. It emphasises the financial stress and difficulties people experienced to afford their rent and basic essentials, such as household bills and enough food to eat for themselves and their families. Some faced the prospect of homelessness or were forced to rely on others for a temporary place to stay. There were many examples and experiences of deprivation, bouts of poverty and difficulties maintaining a basic standard of living.

The situation for many people who accessed The Salvation Army’s Emergency Relief services for food and financial assistance remains bleak.

You can see the full the report on the Salvation Army Website